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Copyright Information

The content displayed on our website including text, images, logos, audio, icons, and visual content, etc. is the sole property of Such information is protected by and by international copyright laws. By visiting our website you agree not to distribute, copy, replicate, extract or resell any information without prior consent or permission from us.

Payment Terms

The report dispatch process will be initiated once the order is placed and payment is received in full. We at Precize Reportsfollow “No Refund” Policy which is also stated under the section, “Return Policy”. Post-payment confirmation, we will dispatch the report within 24 to 48 working hours. However, under certain conditions like custom content, the delivery timeline may vary. We will always try our best to deliver the service at the earliest, post-payment confirmation.

Delivery Method:

As per the standard business practice, the report in PDF format is delivered to the client’s email address within the specified delivery timelines. Also, the report can be delivered in MS Word, PPT, or Excel format as per the client’s request. A hard copy of the report, if requested, will be dispatched to the client’s physical address at an additional charge of US $500.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

Precize Reports follows “No refund or cancellation” policy as its services can be easily distributed to others. The users are requested to go through the complete sample report, content published on our website and confirm the scope of the report. We assure our clients the satisfactory resolution of all their post-purchase queries or concerns, if any. Any additional information requested, apart from the one which is not mentioned in the sample or advertised on our website, will incur additional cost.

Data Confidentiality

We maintain the data confidentiality and never disclose the details of our clients without their consent.

We have an express policy of never disclosing the details of our clients without their consent. As such, data confidentiality of our clients is strictly maintained.

Guaranteed Data Authenticity and Quality

Backed by comprehensive research methodology, in order to get a clearer and more accurate idea of the market conditions and product status, the data quality of our research is both, reliable and assured.